Babies and Children

Babies Under 1

8 Weeks:            6-in-1
                           Rotavirus Vaccine
                           Men B Vaccine

12 Weeks:          6-in-1 (2nd Dose)
                           Pneumococcal (PCV)
                           Rotavirus Vaccine (2nd Dose)

16 Weeks:         6-in-1 (3rd Dose)
                          Men B Vaccine (2nd Dose)

Children ages 1-15 Years

1 Year:                            Hib/Men C (1st Dose)
                                       MMR (1st Dose)
                                       Pneumococcal PCV (2nd Dose)
                                       Men B Vaccine (3rd Dose)

2-10 Years:                     Flu Vaccination (Every Year)

3 Years and 4 Months:    MMR (2nd Dose)
                                        4-in-1 Pre-School Booster

12-13 Years:                   HPV Vaccine

14 Years:                         3-in-1 Teenage Booster


65 Years:                                         Pneumococal PPV Vaccine

65 Years (And Every Year After):   Flu Vaccination

70 Years:                                         Shingles Vaccine

Pregnant Women

During Flu Season:               Flu Vaccine

From 16 Weeks Pregnant:    Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Vaccine


For a complete routine immunisation schedule from January 2020 please click HERE